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The website can be found at

Logging In

You can log in to the Admin Panel at Registration is disabled, so please ask a committee member to create an account for you.

Shortlinks can be created by logging into the Admin Panel -> Configuration -> Site.

They can then be added under the Custom Redirects section.

Technical Details


Registered through Google Domains, in name of Dan Trickey (as I paid for it!).

Registered under the Screwthulu Gmail Account.


Digitalocean DNS. Currently only under Dan's account, but under a DigitalOcean project group, so that others can be added.


The website uses Grav as a CMS.

It currently uses the default quark theme.

Content is synchronised to GitHub using the GitSync plugin.


Currently hosted by "mysterio", a Docker Swarm cluster owned by Dan.

Alternative hosting would need to be sorted before it is migrated away.