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This is an external project that some of our volunteers help with. It is not under the jurisdiction of the SRO committee.

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j5 is a Python 3 framework that aims to abstract away robotics hardware and provide a consistent API for robotics. It was created to reduce the replication of effort into developing the separate, yet very similar APIs for several robotics competitions. Combining the API into a single library with support for various hardware gives a consistent feel for students and volunteers. This means more time to work on building robots!

It was started in November 2018 and has been used to build our latest kit stack


There are some goals behind the j5 project:

  • To be compatible with a variety of relevant current and future robotics kits.
  • To use the latest stable version of software and be continuously maintained, even between and during competitions.
  • To be an example to students of what good code should look like.
  • To unify all existing robotics kits and simulators into one codebase.
  • Open by default, no hidden documentation, features or meetings.


j5 has a very open contribution policy, no experience necessary. Simply head over to the tasks list and pick something that sounds interesting.

You can get in touch with us in #j5 on the SRO Slack.