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We own and control a large number of assets within the University.

These assets are split across three main locations.

B32: "The Hold"

This is our main asset store.

Location: Building 32 Level 3, R3093 Airport Lounge North

The Hold

There are three cupboards in this location. We have the two on the right-hand side.


The keys for these cupboards are held in the keysafe to the right, by the main door.

The code for the keysafe is controlled via the private Slack Channel #cupboard-codes.


Access to the Airport Lounge must be requested via the faculty. Members can contact the committee with their University ID number to gain access.

B53: "Lobby Cupboards"

This location mostly stores assets for outreach.

Location: Building 53 Level 4, Seating Area

Lobby Cupboards


The keys for these cupboards are usually stored in "The Hold".

B53: "The Broom Cupboard"

This is where we store our wood for building arenas.

Location: Building 53 Level 4, R4025 Seminar Room

Broom Cupboard


These cupboards are usually unlocked.