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About Our Society

SRO Logo

Southampton Robotics Outreach (abbr. SRO) is a society at the University of Southampton that aims to get young people involved in STEM through the medium of robotics.

What do we do?

According to our constitution, our main objectives are:

  • To share our excitement about engineering with others
  • To introduce younger people to the range of activities involved in an engineering project including:
    • Teamwork
    • Planning
    • Technical Design
    • Technical Build
    • Testing
  • To use the medium of robotics to inspire the next generation to take their involvement with engineeringto the next level
  • To develop our own project management and technical engineering experience by leading others

What do we really do?

So the rather bland descriptions above essentially boil down into the following activities:

  • Run exciting events for young people, teaching them about programming and robotics
  • An annual summer school for year 12 students, where they have a week to design and build an autonomous robot to compete in a challenge.
  • Develop industry-grade software and hardware to faciliate the above
  • Social events - including board games, escape rooms, pub trips and more!