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SourceBots 2018

SourceBots 2018 was a competition held in April 2018 at the University of Southampton by SourceBots. The final was a two-day event held at SUSU.

It was primarily organised as a replacement for the Student Robotics competition, as SR did not hold a competition in 2018.

8 teams competed in a game called Pirate Islands.

The game required the robots to remove other robot’s tokens from their scoring zone and collect their own tokens from the opposing side of the 8×8m arena. As any of the four robots in the arena could move any token, this required the robots to detect which tokens were where and to react to changes. Full details can be found in the rules.

The event was streamed by SUSU TV on Facebook. This was the first deployment of the Livestream Overlay.


This was the first long-term deployment of the original SourceBots kit in a remote environment.

Computer Vision based on April Tags was used (sb-vision).


The presentation used at Kickstart is here