BitBot Robots

The [BitBots] ( were bought in 2019 to replace the MBED robots. These robots consist of a BBC Microbit in a small chassis with wheels, sensors and LEDs.

The BitBot's primary advantages over the MBED platform are its lower cost and ease of use, particularly when combined with the Scratch-style programming tools found at [Makecode] ( The online IDE also provides the opportunity to program in Javascript. It is also possible to program the BitBots using micropython.

In order to use the BitBots with Makecode, an extension is required. This extension can be found from the settings menu in the makecode editor. After adding the extension, new functions are available to address the motors and sensors on the bitbot. When the code is ready, the Bitbot can be programmed by connecting it to a PC using a USB A to Micro-B cable. Clicking the 'Download' link will the download a file, and dragging the file .hex onto the robot as though it were a USB drive. An orange LED should then flicker to indicate data transfer, and the BitBot should carry out the program.

Further documentation on the BitBots, extension, and example projects are available from 4tronix' website