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The Committee

The SRO committee are responsible for running various aspects of the society.


The President shall oversee the organisation and management of the Group and the Committee as a whole; ensure the officers’ accountability to Members, the Committee, and the Students’ Union; and represent the Group to all external interests.


The Secretary shall oversee the administration of the Group, take minutes at General Meetings and Meetings of the Committee, and maintain the register.


The Treasurer shall oversee the financing of the Group, set the Group’s budget, oversee the acquisition of sponsorship for the Group and maintain the accounts of the Group.

Marketing Director

The Marketing Director shall oversee the organisation of small outreach activities, the design, production, and distribution of promotional materials, promotion to prospective members, potential sponsors, and manage the society’s online presence.

Summer School Lead

The Summer School Lead shall oversee the annual ECS Computing, Electronics and Robotics summer school, shall ensure a reasonable timeline for preparation is followed throughout the academic year, and shall ensure that tasks both for preparation and for the event itself are well planned and delegated. They shall correspond with the relevant ECS staff members, Smallpeice members, and Student Robotics members as needed. The Summer School Lead should also be available and on hand for the entire week of the summer school as the volunteer coordinator.

Second Summer School Lead

The Second Summer School Lead is an optional committee position that isn’t needed to have a full committee but should be filled if possible. The Second Summer School Lead shall support the main Summer School Lead in their responsibilities.

Technical Officer

Co-ordination of events and communication between Student Robotics, an external Charity no. 1163168 and the Group are handled as part of the role of Technical Officer. The Technical Officer shall be responsible for overseeing any kit development work the Group may carry out and is expected to work closely with the Kit Team Committee of Student Robotics.

Welfare Officer

The Welfare Officer shall oversee the personal welbeing of the Group’s Members, including organising small-scale social events for the Group’s Members and mediating between members where such action is necessary.