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Extra Ordinary General Meeting (22/08/2022 - 18:30)

Members who attended: * Tommy Poll * Mihai Stefan Merlas * Jack Williamson

Items that have been discussed

Opening an account with Metrobank

  • We would like to open an account with Metrobank to replace Barclays as the account holder
  • Meeting at 19th of September at Southampton city centre
    • It is currently at 13:00 but Stefan would like to do it at 5:00 so that he can book a half-day.
  • We must bring the following:
    • Constitution
    • Minutes of this EGM
    • List of signatories
    • 1 proof of ID
    • 2 proofs of address
  • The signatories are going to be:
    • Mihai Stefan Merlas
    • Tommy Poll
  • The committiee is:
    • President - Tommy Poll
    • Treasurer - Mihai Stefan Merlas
    • Secretary - Jack Williamson


  • Tommy is to call Barclays tomorrow to try to gain access to the account
    • This is with the Business Team
    • Opens at 9:00 and closes at 18:00
  • We would liek to do this as we want to close the Barclays account and transfer the funds to the Metrobank account when it is open

SUSU affiliation

  • The "old committee" has lost access to the society control panel.
  • SRO is still isted on SUSU's website
  • It is not part of the adopt-a-society
    • It is unclear how we can gain access to the society. We may need to create a new society or we can only adopt it.
    • Tommy is going to SUSU tomorrow in person to talk to someone in person. Hopefully the situation will be resolved.
    • If SUSU asks for the bank account we will list the current Barclays account as the main account of the society.


  • It is going to be difficult this year as we only have 1 person (Tommy) who is available for bunfight
  • We should ask Robosoc for help.
    • Maybe give them an additional slot for compensation
  • Use ECS bunfight if all else fails.