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Meeting on the 7th of September


  • Dan Hobson
  • Mihai Stefan Merlas
  • Tommy Poll


  • Everyone completed the form. Tommy needs to combine the form and send it to the bank. He may be able to do it today or tommorrow.
  • We need to re-do the risk-assessment to add risks for the equipment that we are using.
  • The flag has yet to be designed.
  • The poster and leaflet has yet to be completed.
  • We need to figure out the first social media post.
  • We need to contact people for talks.
  • Organise an online bunfight event.

Action plan

  • Send out the form to the bank
  • Send an email to activities@susu informing htem that we have the bank statements.
  • We need to contact people for talks.
  • We need to organise an online bunfight event by Thursday this and decide a date.
  • Figure out the first social media post and release it by this Friday
  • Hold a doing meeting on Wednesday 10:00.
  • COntinue with designing the poster and leaflets.