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AGM minutes


Members attending: * Tommy Poll * Edwin Sheperd * Joe Morton * Daniel Hobson * Dan Trickey

Election results

President: 4 Tommy Poll 0 RON Secretary: 4 Daniel Hobson 0 RON Treasury: 4 Mihai Stefan Merlas 0 RON

Meeting points

  • Possible partnership between Robosoc and SRO.
  • j5 will be going 1.0.0
  • We have a Barclay's account.
  • Anton will give us the bank account details.

Leaflet message: Joining a robotics community. Mention programming robots, kit building, outreach, events management.

Action point: * Ask Son and Reena for help with freshers. * Make a block booking for B32 seminar room (3077) * Work out the dates for the freshers events. * Get roller poster done. * Get design for SRO branded t-shirts done. * Send SUSU minutes. * Get bank account details.

Next meeting Friday