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SRO Meeting with Reena Pau and Son Hoang

SourceBots summer school 2021

  • We could do a sourcebots-like event. Completely online and we can use python.
  • Virtual breakout rooms, could be hosted on teams.
  • Can be done better this time.
  • Matches can be spaced out every weekend. Like SR.
  • Students in each group will not know each other.
  • Collaborative code environment (like google docs). We would need to consider a version control system.

  • Concerns about people who do not know how to program

    • They should get a head start
    • Everyone will need to contribute to the project, otherwise the strong programmers will do everything
  • We will use timetabled sessions

  • The game could be something that would not be possible in the real world (i.e something that isn’t a robot simulator).

    • The issue about making a robot simulator game is that you will need to model an arena
    • We might want to consider allowing students to customize robots.
    • They could customize the appearance of the robot
    • They could customize the arrangement of the sensors on the robot (although this would be difficult).
  • We could simulate the electronics of the robot.

  • We could run simulations without rendering it (for a dry test run, hasn’t been tested yet)
  • Talk to Jake Howard, Peter Law, Oliver Wales.
  • We can bump up the number of students participating from 30 to 50 or beyond.
  • We could use remote compute servers.

Society tasks that need to be done

  • Emphasis on doing meetings for freshers.
  • needs to be fixed.
  • Power Boards: Waiting on approval for finance. Some components at Farnell are out of stock. The components need to be replaced.
  • We can work to get the kit finished and prepare for SourceBots 2022 this academic year.
  • Son has received some kit as part of the orders before the lockdown.
  • We need to audit the kit database.