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Meeting 2020-07-31


  • Stefan will go to the bank with Jenny in September to transfer the account to his name. The things that need paying for in the meantime will be paid for by Tommy.
  • Once the bank account is transferred, Stefan will be added as the signatory on SUSU groups hub.

PR + members

  • Ideal deadline: Aug 10.
  • Final deadline: Aug 14.
  • SUSU is advertising volunteering societies in the week beginning Aug 10.
    • They would like some visual media.
      • We should look for as many photos of our activities as we can.
      • We need to make a 20-second clip for a segment in their video about volunteering societies.
    • They can promote us through their social media channels.
    • We need to decide what we need people to volunteer for.
  • A lot of members are leaving this year.
  • We need more non-technical people for events.
    • We shouldn't be in a position where every member needs to know Git and Markdown.
  • We need to flesh out our SUSU page.
    • It needs a description, some photos and optionally a video.
  • We need to flesh out our Facebook page.


  • The Crown isn't going to allow large groups of people in the foreseeable future.
  • We need to get a block booking for our usual meeting room as soon as possible.
  • We need card access to the meeting room too.

Freshers' activities

  • It would be nice to run the same events as last year, they were pretty good.
  • We need to work out how to run them while minimising contact.


  • We should primarily hold in-person meetings in our meeting room, with an online meeting occurring on the projector screen.
  • There is enough space in the room in B32 to fit more people than how many currently come to meetings, even with social distancing.
  • We need to make a risk assessment.

Smallpeice 2021

  • We should work under the assumption that it will go ahead.
  • What should the society do if it doesn't?
  • All the members that joined Oct 2019 haven't experienced Smallpeice due to it being cancelled in 2020.