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Meeting Minute - 2019-10-11

tags: Meeting

:::info - Location: 53/4025 - Date: 2019-10-11 - Agenda 1. Freshers events 2. Jamboree 3. SP2020 4. Cupboard move 5. AOB - Participants: - Dan Trickey (DT) - Dan Hobson (DH) - Joe Morton (JM) - Jack Williamson (JW) - Will Barber (WB) - Chair: DH - Minutes: JM - Minutes Archive: - Available here



  1. Freshers events

    • Do both hardware and software on Monday?
      • JW (not a good idea to make people decide, since they should get skills in both)
      • DT (PCB design is not useful, we should be focussing on stuff for summer school)
      • freshers bots untested
      • cancel hack weekend next weekend and move intro to hardware session to give time to test freshers bots
      • Use Monday for Python Tornado tour with a second on 28-oct
        • ADVERTISE widely (outside SRO)
      • website has been updated (google sheet is view only)
      • move hardware design later (18-NOV?)
      • is future worlds event still happening (not heard from them)
  2. Jamboree

    • Dennis running events at Scouts Shooting Jamboree
    • Charlie, Anton, Dan T, Dan H, Jack, Tommy? volunteering to help
    • Take competition robots, maybe bit bots (too simple)?
    • need more laptops, Dennis has laptops which may not be powerful enough, Jules is currently unaccesable
    • NEED Lipos, chargers, spare kit, ways of mounting spare kit (e.g. zip ties)

    • We should set up the Dennis arena at some point so that we know what it looks like

    • we should download 2013 video

    • take cubes, but vision wont work in time
    • SP2020
    • sp2020 schedule has been updated with broad overview of tasks. The github task list will be more granular
    • need to chase up servo board manufacture with Son and talk to him about SP
    • Named roles: We don't have a smallpeice lead at the moment. We will need an EGM to elect someone
    • Cupboard move
    • need to sort out card access to B32
    • need to decide a date for moving (9-10 november is the proposed weekend)

    • Dan H to send an email to Geoff asking for card access and a block booking for a room in 32

    • AOB
    • Dianne (SR) wants to meet regarding storage of SR kit


  • DH: Write email for Monday, get it distributed
  • ?: Social media posts about Monday
  • JM: Test freshers bots
  • ?: Confirm Future worlds event
  • several: Organise things for Jamboree
  • DH: Email Son about meeting to kick off and servo boards
  • DH: Email Geoff about B32 card access and room booking
  • DH: Email Dianne about meeting