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Open Meeting - 12th September

  • Pre-fresher's event
    • Board Games & Pub event on 23rd September at "normal time", 6pm
    • ACTION POINT, someone to post about event, make an event on the facebook page/group

Freshers Events Planning

  • Joe highlighting confirmed speakers on schedule
    • Joe and Dan Hobson's confirmed
  • ACTION POINT, Jenny to chase up ASV, Geoff, and FutureWorlds
  • Robot platform to teach software and hardware, will make a maze to play around with. Teaches -
    • ECAD
    • git
    • C
    • competition stuff
      • sensors
  • Social media posts

    • ACTION POINT - Jenny to make "Smallpeice 2019" facebook post
    • ACTION POINT - Dan H to maybe use the design images for a facebook post if they're pretty enough
    • ACTION POINT - When flyer is finalised we can make posts in freshers events
  • j5?

    • should we ask Dan T to give a talk on j5 stuff?
  • Previous members to come in and talk about how great SRO is, Andy & Google stuff

  • Hack day - can we do competition robots? Do we have enough stuff? Do we have the man power? Will the workshop be open, can we use the mech workshop beforehand? On the day?

    • If we can't use comp robots - play with mbeds (mindstorms, and microbits)
    • Don't use same task with mbeds and comp robots - if we make line following mbeds purely line following comp robots may be anticlimatic. Comp robots need to end up better than what you started with


  • Don't know where we are yet - stall location
  • Need to organise shifts
  • Will have demo bot(s)
  • ACTION POINT, Jenny to reply to ECSS requesting the coffee room
  • ACTION POINT, Dan H & Jack (and others) to make a demo robot out of supervisor bot or something else, Joe to create his demo bot/robot platform/freshers bot
  • Print flyers - We need to confirm events and what's on the flyer and if we need funding for pizza

Summer School Lead

  • Will confirm who's interested in running and organise an EGM in a few weeks - lets deal with freshers first

SmallPeice Planning

  • Schedule issues
    • Nothing to be expected around December/January and April/May
  • Document everything
  • Should be runnable by a completely new set of people next year - no reliance on previous volunteers' expertise
  • Task list
    • Where to put a task list
    • Does it exist already? Probably not
    • ACTION POINT - Migrate last year's task list and adapt it as we go, some year specific stuff but generally it's all reusable

PCB design and manufacture

  • Boards due to be ordered tomorrow (If Dan finished Motor Footprint, update 2019-09-13 DONE)
  • cost is £1.62 +P&P(£15.68 for 2-4 days, £6.84 for 7-10 days probably go for the cheaper option)
  • try Black boards (Matte black PCBs are really nice)

Other business

  • Cryptic message from Dan T about an email from Joyce involving kit development and money
  • Outreach events - 1 or 2 school visits a term
  • ACTION POINT Dan H to make logo available and share link so we all know where it is, update 2019-09-13 it's here or a slightly different version here