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Meeting Minute - 2019-06-10

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:::info - Location: B53/4025 - Date: 2019-06-10 - Agenda 1. Test of full kit stack with j5 2. LiPo storage 3. T-Shirt designs 4. Ultrasound boards 5. Market stall construction 6. Arduino firmware - Participants: - Dan Trickey (DT) - Dan Hobson (DH) - Jack Williamson (JWi) - Anton Nitkin (AN) - Jenny Walker (JWa) - Tyler Ward (TW) - Chair: DT - Minutes: DH - Minutes Archive: - Available here


Review of action points

  • [name=DT] : talk to Joyce about volunteers
  • [name=Anton] : still has some SRO stuff
    • Still an issue
    • Claims to bring it tonight
      • Returned some stuff


  1. Test of full kit stack with j5
  2. WORKS 🎉
  3. There is an issue with usbmount at the moment that needs sorting for code to autorun from the usb flash drive
  4. LiPo storage
  5. Some LiPos have been storage charged, there are more to do
  6. T-Shirt designs
  7. Are in progress
  8. Ultrasound boards
  9. Some redesigns discussed with regard to layout
  10. Market stall construction
  11. Proposed final designs here
  12. Have been organised into 600 * 300 mm sheets for cutting
  13. ready to cut once we have finalised the rules document and are ready to commit to the final design
  14. intention is to add markers to 'upper front' panels so robots can check alignment with vision
  15. Arduino firmware
  16. being updated for this year's game
  17. removing the ability to query ultrasound distance directly so teams have to calculate it as part of a lab
  18. removing redundant servo board stuff