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Smallpeice 2019 Game

Previous games

  • SR2007

    • Pick up boxes, put them in your home zone.
  • SR2009 GOLF

    • Ballpit balls, 4 scoring areas with low walls, throw them in the correct area.
  • SR2010 QuacMan

    • Cubes in center, point for number in robot.
    • Red & Blue cubes, Red is 1 point Blue is -5.
    • Ramp with a duck on top of golden snitch.
    • Netting around arena
  • SR2011

    • Tin can rally (see SP2017 below)
    • (plus a cut-out shortcut ramp)
  • SR2012 Pirate plunder (see RC2018)

    • Buckets were on wheels.
  • SP2016 Poison tokens

    • "Formula 1 Ricin"
    • Points for collecting gold/silver tokens
      • mix of type = lower score
      • 'poisoned' token to reduce other's score to 0
  • SP2017 Tin Can Rally
    • Tin Can Rally
    • Circular arena
    • Points for travel and for moving tin cans
  • SP2018

    - Modified Tin Can Rally

  • RC2018 Bucket Bonaza AKA Pirate Plunder

    • Cubes scattered randomly in arena
    • 2 Point for touching cube
    • 5 Point for returning to zone
    • 7 Extra points for dumping cubes in the bucket (RUB)
  • RC2019 Gold Rush

    • 9 simple scoring cubes
    • in front are 1 cube for each opposing team
    • Points for controlling, more points for tokens in your zone,
    • Your tokens are worth more than the simple scoring cubes
    • Each opposing team's cubes which end up in your ownership makes you lose points
    • You get extra points for each of your tokens in your zone/ownership at the end.
  • Pirate island

    • scoring tokens start in each others' scoring zones
    • score by moving them to yours
  • Modified Pirate Islands

    • Fewer cubes, in known places.
    • Team's cubes are in the neighbor to the left's zones
      • Prevents issues with robots crashing
  • Scrabble

    • Lettered cubes, with random points.
    • Only score points if it makes a word.
  • Alistair's pitch

    • 2 robots rectangle arena
    • Home area is 1m from wall
    • 4 sets of tokens:
      • Good = 1
      • Bad = -2
      • Really Good = 10
      • Really Bad = -20
    • Really X tokens are in raised platforms / cages in center (to stop sweeper arms)
  • Gold rush (mIneCRafT)

    • Plain Tokens = 1ish
    • Gold Tokens (Conductive tape?) = 5ish
    • Diamond Token in the middle = 10ish
    • Home zone diagonally opposite to the start zone
    • Distinguish using vision / conductive tape
  • Apple tree

    • 'apple' tokens on floor and at a height.
      • attach with velcro / magnets.
    • 'golden apples' on tree score more.
  • Clock

    • radial scoring zones, raised inner zones.
  • Hopefully points will be proportional to skill.

Generic ideas:

  • Negative point scoring
  • Gradation of scoring zones (raised platform = more points?).
  • Metallic tape to distinguish cubes.
  • Magnets to distinguish cubes (reed switches)
  • Placing things in buckets
  • Stacking cubes (of different size?)
    • Big cube on small cube = more points?
  • Unique cubes, different combinations
    • Scrabble?
    • Half points if two different types are there.
  • Putting cubes in neighboring areas to score neighboring area points.
  • Cubes stored in robots at end score extra points.
  • Velcro attached cubes.
  • Token dangling on 'tree'.
  • Resistor values between cubes.
  • Suction cubes.
  • RFID tags.
  • Cubres in hard to reach places.
  • Thick ply carpet tile.
  • Line following
    • Shiny tape?
    • Cubes on path, easy pickup.
    • Black carpet, white tape.
      • (Test in labs with a corner of arena.)
  • Different return path.

Dissuaded ideas

  • Randomly positioning different cubes

"Groups" of robots

  • Dead reckoning - Score some points
  • Ultrasonic distance sensors
  • Basic CV (i.e just recognising a marker type)
  • Decent CV (i.e using it to navigate)


Alistair requests 2 teams per game to save him Z3 efforts.

16 teams of 5.

8 matches per round

2 minute match

Why make a game

  • See the email alistair sent (link please)
    • This will be aded to the SRO Knowledgebase(Alistair permitting). Link coming soon.

Needs to have mechanical, programming and game strategy learning opportunities. Using sensors for bonuses