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Meeting Minute - 2019-04-22

tags: Meeting

:::info - Location: remote - Date: 2019-04-22 - Agenda 1. Inventory system 2. Cupboard 3. J5 4. Smallpiece 5. Anton still has some SRO stuff 6. Volunteers 7. Worksheets 8. Roadmap meeting 9. Camera dev 10. 11. Cupboard reorgainsing 12. Asking for sponsoring kit - Participants: - Dan Trickey (DT) - Dan Hobson (DH) - Joseph Morton (JM) - Jack Williamson (JW) - Chair: DT - Minutes: DH - Minutes Archive: - Available here


Review of action points

  • DT to check permissions on
  • Talk to MSLC
    • Postponed, JW to do
    • This is just to keep in touch, we would like to keep working with them in future
  • JW to Move MicroBit worksheet into
    • Add link to minutes too please
  • DT to make a doodle poll for a Hackday for Smallpiece stuff
    • brought forward


  1. Inventory system
    • Is the same as last week
  2. Cupboard
    • ACTION POINT Kajatan to chase SR
  3. J5
    • ACTION POINT Kier to review PR
  4. Smallpiece

      • Print some rules
    • Doodle poll for a Hackday to be done
    • ACTION POINT Workshops to be written / organised
    • ACTION POINT get timetable for Smallpiece
      • ACTION POINT write time plan for our bits
    • Will using ultrasonic sensors cause interfere between robots? If this is going to be a problem, what can we do about it?
    • ACTION POINT testing robots in worst cases
      • flat battery
      • multiple ultrasounds simultaneusly
      • regulators testing from last year's issues
    • Equipment:
      • Chalk line
        • would be nice to use if anyone knows how to (failed at SR comp)
      • Spreadsheet here
    • Where are we going to put teams during the competition?
      • bar 2
      • level ⅔/4
      • cafe
      • bar 3?
      • Need to run power and network for displays etc
      • ACTION POINT talk to tyler
    • ACTION POINT decide on task allocation system and implement
      • Github seems to be the favourite, put on next week's agenda to ask others
  5. Anton still has some SRO stuff

    • ACTION POINT ask next week
  6. Volunteers
    • need more
    • poster work to continue
  7. Worksheets
    • Updates have been made to worksheets here
  8. Roadmap meeting
    • Allocated to 29th April @ 7pm-9pm
      • Main plan is to get dev work back up
      • Agenda here
  9. Camera dev
    • ACTION POINT DH to email jeff hooker about access to B16
    • easy to assume each other have responded
    • DT looking at ticket based system
    • improve filters
  11. Cupboard reorgainsing
    • happening tomorrow / Wed
  12. ACTION POINTS ask for sponsoring kit
    • Getting sponsorships is always good, particularly when we're doing kit dev
    • Spreadsheet of potential options here
    • ACTION POINT draft emails
      • focus on ROI
        • and actually deliver on any promises unlike last year!
      • Compile email fragments on a hackmd so someone with access can send them


  • [name=JW] : Talk to MSLC
    • This is just to keep in touch, we would like to keep working with them in future
  • [name=DT] : Make a doodle poll for a Hackday for Smallpiece stuff
    • brought forward
  • [name=Kajatan] : Chase SR about the cupboard
  • [name=Kier] to Review PR for J5
  • Assorted ACTION POINTS for Smallpiece Hackday to be considered then
  • [name=Anton] : still has some SRO stuff
  • [name=DH] : Email jeff hooker about access to B16
  • Draft emails for sponsorships
  • Talk to tyler about Smallpiece kit