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Meeting Minute - 2019-04-15

tags: Meeting

:::info - Location: B53/4025, remote - Date: 2019-04-15 - Agenda 1. Inventory system 2. Emails with Dorota 3. J5 4. Smallpiece boards 5. HR Robocon 6. SR Competition 7. SR / Cupboard 8. SUSU Awards 9. Volunteers 10. Camera module 11. Outreach stuff



  1. Inventory
    • Good progress
  2. Emails
    • We can write something for the internal newsletter
    • We don't want carpet tiles
      • too long to set up
      • wear more
      • space for carpet roll in the new cupboard but tricky to use it
      • still struggling on large wood storage issue
  3. J5

    • Back on schedule after new version released
  4. Smallpiece boards

    • Joyce might be able to find us the money we need for it
      • Need to get a detailed breakdown
      • ~£6k-£8k total cost
        • Will we get enough?
    • There is some SR kit we are allow to use too / as backup plan
    • We need to start doing tasks for the competition now
      • Trello here
      • Spreadsheet here
      • Get things ordered ASAP when we know what we need
      • Don't know when we're getting bugdet
      • Hackday? TODO:Doodle poll
  5. HR Robocon
    • They want to be able to expand to multiple events across the country
      • SourceBots could be involved
      • Targeting GCSE / younger students
      • JM to keep us updated
    • They have a nice web IDE they're using
      • We can fork
  6. SR Competition
    • General positive sentiment
    • HR team felt it was for our benefit not theirs
      • "the lighting was inadequate"
        • Libkoki can handle this
      • "carpet was different from last years"
        • They want carpet samples
      • "Didn't like the Griptape"
        • It's the same as it always has been
      • "Rules changed"
        • A rule was clarified, should have been earlier and this could have been prompted by them
        • The caldera was not quite to spec
      • "This game didn't incentivise complex behaviour"
        • Some teams didn't need use the camera
        • We want to accomodate all
        • Hopefully future games will be better
      • JM to feed back
    • Return of our kit(?)
      • Need to check this did actually get back to the cupboard
    • Overworking
      • No free slots for some people
      • "Too few volunteers"
  7. SR / Cupboard
    • Need an agreement for shared assets like cupboard space
    • 2 RUBs of their kit to check out
  8. SUSU Awards
    • 10th May
    • We are nominated for best team 🎉
      • who's going?
    • DT nominated for social impact 🎉 👍
  9. Volunteers
    • Need more
    • Can we pick up volunteers from SR
  10. Camera module
    • Need to populate boards
    • Need to get access to building 16
  11. Outreach stuff
    • Ran a MicroBit session
      • ~30 students
      • Generally successful
      • Worksheet to go to SRO github #TODO link
    • Reran with feedback
      • Students with a bit more time+experience
      • Went well
    • We still don't have enough MicroBits for a session
      • Get budget approved?
      • Use MSLC's?
      • Ask Micro:Bit for sponsorship?
  12. RUBBots
    • Chassis to use SourceBots kit on outreach days
    • Fit in RUBs for storage
    • With threaded inserts for deconstructing and packing as space-efficient