2019 04 01

Inventory system: - some done, joe looking at 3D models (sketchup?)

People are annoyed at SR, considering kicking them out of our cupboard? Is it better to be friends? If so, should we have a list of 'available equipment' The inventory system is big problem + cupboard, we really need them to use it properly. They are using our laptops, we want to add BIOS passwords to make sure they don't replace the OS Is there anything we want to ask SR for? - Better communication: from them to us - and from us to tell them if things are inadequate RUBs need clearer labelling SR vs SRO and new inventory system should tightly intergrate this Get SROs stuff from SR RUBs (Pis) Their stuff inc barcode scanners? Is the cupboard for storage or shared day-to-day usage? TLDR: Formalise our relationship with them DRAFT UP including inventory interface; Pi in cupboard project (how to use the cupboard poster?)

to discuss with SR: Burnout is killing our volunteers - not supportive response, assigning of SR tasks needs oversight safety of cupboard git facism - assumed knowledge of how SR use git? Badly handled with force more communication before deleting stuff is this indirectly a time management issue?