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SRO AGM 2019 Minutes

AGM commences at 18:33

Members Present

Full Members

  • Jenny Walker (Chair)
  • Dan Trickey (Minutes)
  • Anton Nikitin
  • Jack Williamson
  • Joe Morton
  • Kajetan Champlewski
  • Dan Hobson
  • Will Barber
  • Tom Wheal
  • Henry Oliver-Edwards


  • Tyler Ward (Auditor)
  • Andy Barrett Sprot (Remote)


  • Kier Davis (Registered for remote vote)
  • Alex Lockwood (Registered for remote vote)

Annual Reports

General Report

  • Presented by JW
  • Successful merger of SCRO and Robogals.
  • It’s been slow so far with schools, but we’ve got a plan.
  • Development work is in full swing, with a complete software rewrite for SourceBots, as well as a brand new vision board.
  • Purchased 6 new BBC Micro:Bit robots to replace the Polulu MBed bots.
  • We are due to move to a new cupboard in the next few months.
  • Low volunteer intake, we are working to find some more people.

Accounts Report


  • Presented by JW and KC
  • There was a SourceBots competition
  • It was good
  • There was a Smallpeice competition
  • It was good
  • As a result of how good it was, there will now be 80 students
  • Hopefully the next summer school will also be good
  • We are building more kit and developing the kit software
  • Things are going well generally


  • JW introduces the voting system.



  • Dan Trickey
    • "I will continue what I have been doing"
  • Kajetan Champlewski
    • "I fully support Dan Trickey"
  • 8 for Dan, 3 for RON


  • Dan Hobson
    • "I want to make sure that everything is kept organised."
  • 9 for Dan, 2 for RON


  • Anton Nikitin
    • "I'd like to continue in my role, I want to get some sponsorship for the group."
  • 7 for Anton, 4 for RON

Social Secretary

  • Henry Oliver-Edwards
    • "Vote me. I made posters. I didn't even make those posters."
  • 10 for Henry, 1 spoilt

Outreach Director

  • Jenny Walker
    • "I really enjoyed doing this as part of Robogals. I want to get back to doing it."
  • 11 for Jenny

SourceBots Director

  • Kajetan Champlewski
    • "SourceBots is good. I want to sign emails director."
  • Jack Williamson
    • "I want to do less SR and more independent things"
  • Joseph Morton
    • "We should make SourceBots great again."
  • Joe wins majority of 6

Student Robotics Liaison

  • Kajetan Champlewski
    • "I am currently on the Core Team of SR. Strong connections there. I will work to make sure that where possible SR is using technologies that are open and compatible. I also feel that them having stuff in our cupboard is a source of political pressure that we should use."
  • Tom Wheal
    • "I don't hate SR."
  • Kajetan wins with democracy of 6.

AGM finishes at 19:07