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SRO EGM Minutes - 2019-03-18

Ordinary Meeting

Family Day (2019-03-16)

People felt it was understaffed.

Not enough floorspace in the room that we were provided. Ask for more floorspace for next year instead

Quick retrospective on the Saturday night.

Possible Sessions

Home teaching group asked if we can organise a 'small' Smallpeice over the course of a few weekends.

Guide Session

Happening 2019-03-19. Jenny, Kajetan and Dan T. confirmed, Anton tentatively signed up

Minutes and Agendas

Must be better at organising where minutes are stored and the distinction between minutes and agendas. Two GitHub repositories for the minutes for the same organisation.


Specification written, volunteers needed to write it up. Anton volunteers to help with this.

SRO Domain seems like the suitable domain to have. Similar to Student Robitics' domain, but that is unused now.


Anton blocking people from completing tasks


Board production will be done by ourselves, manufacturing is too much money. Will happen first week after Easter.

More items need ordering ACTION POINT: Jack W. to order these items

Jack W. has volunteered to rewrite labs for Smallpeice Will need to change based upon the new kit.

EGM (started at 18:30 GMT)

Present: Alex Lockwood, Joseph Morton, Anton Nikitin, Dan Trickey, Jenny Walker, Tyler Ward (unable to vote), Jack Williamson, Will Barber, Tom Wheal, Dan Hobson

Jenny introduces EGM.

Trickey Amendment

Jenny introduces Trickey amendment. JW: Takes away MiniBots director, adds outreach director, Student Robotics liason, changes role of SourceBots director. DT: We are linked with SR because of issues with shared resources and them using our cupboard.

9 for, 0 against, amendment passes.

Nikitin Amendment

Nikitin amendment, which introduces postal voting. Requires motions and nominations to be finalised before the actual meeting. DT: Would count for other instances as well, such as EGMs with votes you would need to know what is being voted on beforehand. Does not discriminate on what is being voted on.

Henry Oliver-Edwards is now present. 10 for, 0 against, amendment passes.

Putin Amendment

Jenny introduces the Putin Amendment. JW: Changes name from SRO to University of Southampton Student Robotics (USSR)

Andy Barrett-Sprot is now present, but is not a voting member.

2 for, 8 against, does not meet the ⅔ majority requirement. Does not pass.