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Science and Engineering Day - 16th March 2019 - Retrospective

What went well

  • We shipped an engineering day
  • Kids had fun
  • Cupboard was stacked correctly
  • Music
  • Kids were interested in the line following robots.
  • Kids liked playing with Lego.
  • Parents liked playing with Lego.
  • People liked the live-stream.
    • Good conversation point.
  • Good to have the demo boards out.
  • People had a good impression of the university/Us when they left.
  • We got contacts (possible invite to schools etc...)

What could be done better

  • More activities
  • The MicroBits weren't avaliable right away
    • Also they weren't in the same box as the robots.
  • Lack of plug sockets
  • More laptops
  • More Lego MindStorms
  • MBed was damaged
  • Not enough volunteers
  • Not enough space/not utilising space, we weren't prepared for that amount of people.
  • Not all the volunteers were familiar with the Lego MindStorms IDE
  • Some of the Lego MindStorms had issues
    • Red taped motors, lack of sensors
  • SR Bot did not work
    • Lack of Python 2 knowledge
  • Due to not doing an event for a few years, we were unable to gauge effectively the level of enthusiasm that the kids'/parents' had.
  • A lot of people ended up standing around due to lack of equipment.
  • We didn't verify that kids didn't run off with the Lego.

Action Points

  • Resolder MBed Pin Header
  • Follow up on contacts
  • Have more equipment
  • Plan activities in advance
  • Have a tutorial on the MindStorms so volunteer can effectively deliver sessions.
  • Try and get a bigger room for next time.
    • Boulderwood?