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Minutes for SRO meeting 2019-02-25

Proposed Sessions

Several SRO emails missed concerning people wanting Minibots sessions.

Tue 19th March - 4th Hedge End Guides - Volunteers needed, show interest in 'minibots' channel on Slack - Deadline for sign-up is 11th March

1st to 4th July - Southern Universities Network at Weymouth College - Fully funded transport - Paid - Best to ask closer to the time when plans are more concrete - Email of interest sent to organiser

Tutoring company offering sponsorship. ACTION POINT: Dan to set up a call with Anton concerning this

SRO Tasks for Today

libkoki could do with rebooting. j5 should support this. Smallpeice board near all-ready, needs to be double checked and sent off for production.


We broke one of Kirk's monitors at SourceBots last year and never sorted it out. ACTION POINT: Anton to draft email to Kirk to see if he wants replacement monitor

Kajetan says gobble gobble in response to how 'doing nothing' is going.