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SRO Minutes for 2019-02-18

SR Hackday

We need to do another hackday! Doodle poll for this is available on the minutes


ACTION POINT: Email Sean Ford for the rest of the MicroBits. Part code the MicroBit bots.


ACTION POINT:We still need to sort this out. Wordpress site given to Jenny, will play around with it.


Cupboard will take a while to be finished (university contractors), however Dan and Tyler are confident that the current contents of the lvl4 cupboard will fit in the new one.

New items for Smallpeice have arrived. Some items are missing, so we need to email the right people in order to get the orders placed again.

Camera module designs are near done. Some small bits and pieces need to be sorted out, but they will be completed relatively soon. Tyler to review the board designs.

Volunteer Recruitment

If we need more people for the SR competition, now is the right time for recruitment.

ACTION POINT: Kajetan to ask Andy about this. ACTION POINT: Jenny to make flyers and distribute.


Anton needs to find out how to get access into the account.