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SRO Meeting agenda 2018-11-05


  • We got contacted by a teacher from BPV
    • Past SB and SR team leader
  • She wants us to do a Lego mindstorms activity with her Girl Guides
  • Dates: ""Ideal dates for us would be 1st Nov, 15th Nov, 22nd Nov or 6th Dec If you can do something this term.""
  • Dan has put out a doodle poll. We should decide tonight. Decided on 22nd
  • We need to decide on an activity and preparations @Jenny

  • People who are signed up - Dan, Kayeatun, Hanri, GojeDan™, Jenny, (Nathan?)

  • Shirts?

    • Monies required
    • Design also Required
      • Competition?

SRO Rebranding

  • Purchase of a domain name
    • Contains all of MB and SB and links to other websites
    • Potential Domains:
  • We now need to sort out colours ACTION POINT for Nathan

Smallpiece 2019

  • Budget Completed
  • Budget summaries created
  • Cube booked
  • Awaiting ECS bugetery aproval and information

Student Robotics

  • Kickstart this weekend
  • Kit in cupbaord till then
    • About 2.5/3 stacks of rubs should be cleared during/post kickstart
  • Box of SB chargers now at Tylers flat due to packing error
  • ACTION POINT: Before and after photo of cupboard post-Kickstart


  • G Suite
    • Henry - Any progress?
    • Activities best person to contact
    • No email back from activities


Joyce is lovely. She wants to give us lots of money.

  • Can definitely fund some micro:bit robots
    • We need to choose some and go talk to her
    • ** DO TONIGHT **
      • Is Joyce still here tonight?
        • If not can't really go talk to her tonight, abort mission.
        • If yes, DO TONIGHT
      • ** this ** doesn't make things bold, this makes things bold.
  • Joyce was also interested in finding some money for the camera board development, so we should price up the development boards - preliminary costings for camera module boards at this link

New Projects

Smallpiece 2018 cleanup

  • Missing orders (where are they?)
    • Drill charger (wrong one)
      • Order another one + batteries once budget confirmed
    • RUB trolley (no idea)
      • ACTION POINT Kajetan and Dan will chase Shaun Ford
    • Budgeted into 2019 costs
  • Find Alistair's pen
    • Probably can't find that now
    • Buy a new one?
    • £55.81
      • Fix for next year, add items to the personal property list
  • Smallpeice yet to pay volunteers still
    • Andy has now emailed Smallpeice, waiting on a response on whether its possible to pay volunteers.
  • Feedback for 2018

Bank Stuff

  • Robogals money to get transferred to new empty SRO account
  • Ordering kit from SUSU grant applications

Hills Road

Hills are running a competition for Year 9 to 11 in April.

We should help with Kit Dev.


There is a microphone that has arrived at Kajetan's house at high speed from switzerland.


  • Inventory Mk2
  • New demo/dev bots
  • Camera module software tests (pending on parts)