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SRO Meeting agenda 2018-10-22


  • New Mailing List
  • Memes are to be put at the bottom of the agenda please.


  • We got contacted by a teacher from BPV
    • Past SB and SR team leader
  • She wants us to do a Lego mindstorms activity with her Girl Guides
  • Dates: ""Ideal dates for us would be 1st Nov, 15th Nov, 22nd Nov or 6th Dec If you can do something this term.""
  • Dan needs to put out a doodle poll. We should decide Wednesday ACTION POINT FOR TONIGHT
  • Also Robogals post Kier has the post, ACTION POINT FOR TONIGHT

SRO Rebranding

  • Purchase of a domain name
    • Contains all of MB and SB and links to other websites
    • Potential Domains:
        • We can't register this for a website. It has to be a bot (currently)
  • Final Logo Decisions, cleanup svg files and commit to git

    - Dan put out a poll. Look at it when I get there

Smallpiece budget URGENT

  • Board pricing
  • Cupboard inventory
  • Pricing finding
  • Review equipment list


  • G Suite

Dan found new robots

  • Wait until Dan is there.
  • I'm very excited about them.

Code Club

New Projects

Smallpiece 2018 cleanup

  • Missing orders (where are they?)
    • Drill charger (wrong one)
      • Order another one + batteries once budget confirmed
    • RUB trolley (no idea)
      • ACTION POINT Kajetan and Dan will chase Shaun Ford
  • Find Alistair's pen
    • Probably can't find that now
    • Buy a new one?
    • £55.81
      • Fix for next year, add items to the personal property list
  • Smallpeice yet to pay volunteers still
    • ACTION POINT Andy will email Mr Smallpeice
  • Have SUSU been paid?
    • SUSU sent invoice to ECS
    • Apparently done, another invoice sent
    • When Finance aren't lazy, they will be paid

Bank Stuff

  • Robogals money to get transferred to new empty SRO account ACTION POINT for Jenny


  • Inventory Mk2
  • New demo/dev bots
  • Camera module pricing evaluation/software tests
  • Smallpeice 2019 Budget