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SRO Meeting agenda 2018-10-08


  • We have new people
  • Activity Day

    • Retro
  • New Mailing List


SRO Rebranding

  • Discussion of redefining SourceBots to be an event rather than an organisation.
    • SourceBots and MiniBots are "brands" of SRO
    • SourceBots for older, MiniBots for younger?
      • Classify activities by brand, so that there isn't duplication of branding in materials.
  • Purchase of a domain name
    • Contains all of MB and SB and links to other websites
    • Potential Domains:
  • Final Logo Decisions, cleanup svg files and commit to git


  • G Suite

    • Henry - Any progress?
  • Smallpeice meeting with Reena

    • Dan, Kajetan and Tyler met with Reena, Geoff Merritt and Heather this morning
  • Funding
    • Review Anton's ARM email

New Projects

Smallpiece 2018 cleanup

  • SUSU have been paid
  • Certificates need sending
    • Needs sending
  • Missing orders (where are they?)
    • Wheel hubs (backorder) - Arrived?
    • Drill charger (wrong one)
    • RUB trolley (no idea)
      • ACTION POINT Kajetan and Dan will chase Shaun Ford
  • Find Alistair's pen
    • Probably can't find that now
    • Buy a new one?
    • £55.81
      • Fix for next year, add items to the personal property list

Meeting 8th October 2018 minutes

We have new people. Dan explained the brands of our society/how we are structured.

Activity day retro

  • Pros:
    • It was awesome, mindstorms pain to work with.
      MBEDs were good

We have a new mailing list.


  • Dan mentioned that the logos are inconsistent
    • Action point: Nathan to fix are logos!


G suite, free 'free' for educational purposes: - (cut-out features) - we need to prove our educational status

Registered charity - We can register under SUSU? - Non-governmental (we are) - Action point: Henry to investigate

Smallpeice meeting

  • Increase size to 80
  • Provisional dates in slack, we have provisional description.
    • Action point: Confirm it.

New kits

  • We currently have 9 full kits
  • We need to make more
  • Tyler will be developing modifications
    • Action point: Speak to him
  • Servos: Investigate costings to fix current draw problem

Camera Module

  • Tyler got Pi to reply to them about the camera module
    • Action point: Tyler to continue to investigate
  • Pi compute

Collapsible robots

Are current demo bots take up too much room, we want to develop a system where we can collapse.


We paid SUSU! :) Missing orders.