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SB/SRO meeting agenda 2018-08-20


  • [action point] Bunfight
    • See SUSU secction
  • FPSE Bunfight
    • Done by Kier :)


Smallpiece cleanup

  • Carpet still a problem, ESC problem, currently stored in the back of the room, but not permanent
  • Need an agenda for meeting with Paul Lewin
    • This is a follow up meeting about Smallpeice to discuss what ECS can do for us
  • Still catering things and blue bin outside 4025
    • These need to be returned
  • Mugs need returning to Level 3 Zepler
  • Expenses form needs filling in
    • This is available on Slack
  • Carpet tiles need binning
    • A ticket needs to be raised on Planon
  • SUSU needs paying
    • Contact Heather / ECS
  • Certificates need sending
  • Missing orders (where are they?)
    • Wheel hubs (backorder)
    • Drill charger (wrong one)
    • RUb trolley (no idea)
  • Prospectus photo needs chasing (currently been raised but not fixed)
  • Find Alistair's pen
  • Drill charger is wrong

Non small piece

  • SR Kit
    • Need to inventorise it and ship it back to SR
  • Demo bot upgrades
    • Make them collapsable
    • ~Roughly £15-20 worth of parts
    • What do we do with the Tudors?
      • Blockly demos - but not much in the last year