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How to run the competition

  1. Team coordination
    • Teams have been informed something will happen
    • There's a sign up on the page
    • Questionnaire on laptop use?
      • Not sure if we can get the data.
      • Lots of assumptions based on teams 10 years ago, we need to re-evaluate to see if we can chop things out.
  2. Kit prep
    • Use dev kits to set up a testing pipeline
    • Get some hardware for testing (i.e. Battery current )
    • Odroids? Pi switch?
  3. Event coordination
    • Kickstart
      • If in uni, we can do later,
      • If not in uni we should start it now
      • Dates as early as possible.
    • Competition
      • Newbury Cost
      • Dates
  4. Mentoring
  5. Supporting stuff
    • No user accounts
    • IDE?
    • Forums?
    • Evaluate throwing away software.
    • Do teachers have opinions for other things we can do to support them?
  6. Fundraising for the future
    • We want to invite people to the competition
  7. Organisational improvements
  8. (i.e. removing old)


Jake: - Establish testing procedure - Reach out to rich - Work a date and location for the hack weekend to test the kit - Possibly a hack day before for eval

Peter: - See what anciliary things in terms of support to teams - Find any bad previous assumptions of teams - Evaluate what we can do instead

Alistair: - Dig out / rewrite the game evaluation doc


  • Volunteer coordination
    • Happens at the core team meeting
  • Organising the organisation
    • Not blocking a competition, think about it later