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SR Agenda 2018-05-21

Start time: 18:40 - Rebranding - Looks like they've rebranded - The blue has changed - The logo is thinner and more hand drawn - People were removed from facebook - People finding out things by third hand social media alterations is not good - Jake has messaged Diane on Facebook to find answers -

SB Agenda 2018-05-21

Start time: 18:40 - Smallpiece - There has been a Volunteering form submitted: Google Form - 10 people have signed up so far - Pre task list - We need to figure out what things we need to do before smallpiece. - Add to trello - Link kit dev trello to a card in the smallpeice trello. - Inventory - How do we host it? - It's PHP + MySQL

    - Heroku is expensive for databases.
    - GAE doesn't allow you to use mySQL for free.
    - ECS VM: Free but might vanish? Need to speak to Lance draper
    - Terrible idea: Put it on the publichtml folder in the home directory and use the uni hosting.
        - URL would be
    - Maybe put it on a DigitalOcean team?
    - AWS is also an option. "No-one can use AWS" - Jake Howard 2k18
    - Microsoft Azure can give us free credit if we're a charity
    - Terrible idea: Rasperry Pi in the cupboard? 
    - Horrible idea:
    - *Action Point* Jake to investigate this stuff.
  • Survey
    • Jake to send tomorrow
  • Hack Day? (After Exams)
  • Trello