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SourceBots Minutes 2018-05-14


  • Inventory
    • Snipeit seems promising!
      • Designed for deploying IT assets to employees
  • Action Point Jake to prod Diane
  • Next Year:
    • We'll go ahead assuming that there won't be a merge (to make sure we don't fall behind on the next competition)
      • This means we need to find sponsors etc (on the condition of us running a competition?)
        • Action Point Kajetan to look into sponsors
        • Action Point Anton to look into sponsors?
      • We also need to manufacture more kits
  • Dan and Kajetan will possibly be in Southampton (Working full time on something else)


  • Finish & Send out the feedback survey

    • Also mention to them if they have a kit to give it back by 1st of June (if not sooner)
  • Blocked development trello cards

  • Clean up all trello boards