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SourceBots Meeting Minutes

Date: 2018-05-07

Agenda: SourceBots - 17:30

  • Action Point Access to SourceBots GitHub organisation for new Director.
    • Should people who are actively involved with development be in the org anyway, regardless of whether they're Director or not?
    • Decision: Yes
  • Update Logo to not have Source**BOTS**
    • Make sure the font is converted to shapes
    • Action Point Try multiple styles of this at the next meeting
  • Image storage

    • Facebook are terrible people

      • They compress the images
      • Decision:
        • Let's use google drive to store images (no compression)
        • (it should automatically move to photos)
        • Use facebook only for publicity stuff.
    • Conclusion: Store in Google Drive, we get at least 15GB free. Upgrading to more storage is a small cost in the future (just upgrade the owner account)

  • Discussion of new games.

    • Suggestion: Pirate islands but with the markers on adjacent corners.
      • Remove pillars
    • Differences between smallpeice and Sourcebots games:
  • Sorting out the cupboard
    • ~H~Pack day
      • We'll do a bit tonight
        • Have got rid of old cubes and pillars
      • Doodle poll for pack day.


  • Discharge batteries