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2018-04-16 Meeting Minutes

Things to Discuss:

  • stream dev
    • Saturday: Just the UI
    • We've decided to not use the old polymer code for the stream.
    • JQuery for everything, speaking to event-stream
    • Just needs hooking up
      • Wrapper around the matches API
      • We need a working sr-comp to test against.
    • SUSUTV said they were able to pull together quite a big team to help out.
  • Hats.
    • People need hats
      • Go buy hats
        • Anton has a horse head.
        • Kajetan and Dan haz matching hats
        • Andy has 6 hats to give out
  • Emails

    • Volunteering email
      • Needs review
    • Rules fix
      • Area of the scoring zone
      • Token IDs
    • Flags
      • We need to make flags
  • Second team kit

    • We've given Barton Peveril a second kit
      • This means we have 9 teams (Yay).
  • Trophies

    • Haven't arrived yet. Worst case: make some.
  • Andy went to Hills Road for their competition

  • T-shirts arrived
  • Wristbands arrived

Things to Do:

  • Assemble Tokens
  • Flags
  • Finish stream
  • Start commentators interface?
  • Assign roles to volunteers (Andy)