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14th April Tech Day (Retro)

What went well

  • Lots of teams were present
  • We held a towing tank tour
  • We had spare films
  • We set up a test arena and people used it!
  • We now have a stream overlay. (Thanks Tyler)
  • We made pedastals!
  • The lift buttons were labelled
    • But not both of then

What could have been better

  • Weird IO Error (Connection refused) so we had to swap out their servo board with one of our own.
  • Door access
    • Non-carded people couldn't access
  • Test arena wasn't big enough for a team.
  • No communication between teams in Level 4 and Level 2 labs.

How can we improve

  • We didn't hold a high voltage lab or cleanroom tour.
    • Action point: Make a check list for things we need for a tech day
  • Label both of the panels in the lift.
  • We should have more clear signage as some people got lost.