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Techday Retrospective - 3rd February 2018

People present:

  • Jake Howard
  • Tyler Ward
  • Kier Davis
  • Charlie Turvey
  • Henry Oliver-Edwards
  • Anton Nikitin
  • Dan Trickey
  • Andrew Barrett-Sprot

The Day

  • Positives:
    • Teams turned up
    • Productivity!!! (Teams were doing stuff)
    • We could eat food in the room
    • Security was there!
    • We knew how to fix all (but one) of their issues.
  • Negatives:
    • Teams didn't stay the whole time
    • No guest accounts
      • Solution: "Jules-tops"
    • Location not in level 2
      • Solution: Meet with the ECS "H+S" people
    • No free pizza
      • Solution: Speak to Joyce
      • Solution: Buy out Dominos
    • Teams didn't go to Pizzaz for pizza
      • Solutions: Make a list of good food places!

The Kit

  • Positives:
    • It works!!! (Yayy!!)
    • The plugging in/out mechanism works.
    • All our devices are detected
    • Ultrasound works.
  • Negatives:
    • Improve communication about what we are doing with regards to the kit.
      • Teams spent a lot of time diagnosing problems that we were responsible for.
        • Solution: Mark functions that are broken so teams don't waste time. (Disclose larger issues.)
        • Solution: GitHub issues for specific repos.
    • We did not test the update mechanism
    • We should make it clear in the docs that you can plug the USB in/out without restarting the robot.
    • We shipped the removal of a feature without adding the alternative or explaining why.
      • We fixed this by reverting the commit.
    • We used American spelling in the name of the function (meters vs. metres).
      • Solution: Fix the docs.
    • We brought soldering irons to a room that wasn't suitable.
      • Solution: Use level 2 labs.
    • We broke Level 2's RUB lid box :(
      • Solution: Replace the lid

General Issues Raised:

  • We should probably use GH Issues for GH repos (refer back from Trello)
  • We should use Trello for a large strategic overview of what needs to be done.
  • We should probably use version numbers.
    • Year specific version/semantic version
    • Year of the competition-Major Number.Minor Version ???
    • We should probably discuss formatting.....
  • We should think about using a different algorithm for the vision (alternative from AI)
    • Charlie and Andy found a cool function!