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Meeting 2017-11-27 Minutes

Location: 58/1037 High priority:

  • What happened in the hack day?
    • Vision stuff, C270s don't work, lets get some new ones.
  • Game that won
    • Pirate Blunder
  • Email SUSU about changing the society name
    • Kier's submitted the constitution.
  • Work out what our expenses will be, and try to plan where we'll get the money from.
    • Speak to Joyce
      • Andy to introduce Charlie to Joyce Tomorrow
  • Prizes
    • Certificates
    • No food (allergies)
    • Maybe a physical prize too
    • Medals
      • PCB Medals!
        • Slightly modified designs for each prize.
  • Awards:
    • 1st
    • 2nd
    • Best looking robot & team
    • Most ambitious robot
  • Organise another hack day or two - the weekend before Kickstart is probably a good time.
    • Every saturday leading up to Kickstart.
  • Chase up about Wordpress (1 last time), if it's not setup by next meeting, roll our own (Jake)
    • Andy has sent a chasing email
    • If they haven't responded on Wednesday, we give up.
  • Ensure Trello is up to date regarding
    • status of the venue booking for SB2018 competition
      • Still chasing up Max with the cube. He says he's pretty sure we'll get it but he still needs to confirm.
    • status of funding:
      • It is correct

Low priority:

  • Test lots of webcams
    • Andy will bring a Pi cam (v1.2) to test.
  • Work on kit manufacturing docs (Kier)
  • Chase up that darn servo assembly issue (Kier)