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Student Robotics (Southampton) / SCRO Extraordinary General Meeting 2017-11-20


  • The following changes to the Constitution are proposed:
    • Rename the society from "Student Robotics (Southampton)" to "Southampton Competitive Robotics Outreach", also referred to by the acronym "SCRO".
    • Replace usages of the phrase "he or she" with the gender-neutral "they".
    • Fix a couple of spelling mistakes.
    • Minor typographical cleanup, not affecting the wording of the Constitution.

The specific changes are recorded as a Github pull request.

Those present

  • Andrew Barrett-Sprot (President)
  • Anton Nikitin (Treasurer)
  • Kier Davis (Secretary)
  • Charlie Turvey
  • Nathan Pride
  • David Mapstone
  • Dan Trickey

Amendments to constitution

Differences between current and proposed constitition presented.

Full proposed constitution presented.

Vote on whether to put the proposed constitution into effect (by simple majority as per Constitution VI.d.ii):

For: 7 Against: 0 Abstain: 0

Proposed constitution will now be put into effect.

The EGM is concluded.