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Things to do in meeting on 2017-10-30

This doc is a living document, as usual, please add ideas if you want

  • Smalpeice 2018
    • New Name: Computing, Electronics, and Robotics.
    • Date: 2018/08/06 - 2018/08/10
    • Need to book venues
  • Choose a new competition date for SB2018
    • Can't have it during easter, so lets have it a week after.
    • 21st of April 2018
    • The teams start exams on the 21st of May, so do uni students.
  • ZoHo
    • Stefan will set it up
  • Discuss Farnell's email

    - Farnell want a blogpost about the competition

  • Emails
  • Website
    • We're using wordpress :'(
    • Andy has requested a Wordpress site from the university
  • Check trello

  • Other:

    • Improving the format of these meetings (Andy)

Coding things for newbies:

  • Moving the assembly documentation to the website.
  • Parameterise boards in robotapi:
  • Add log messages to robotd (using logging) Anything above warning can be output to the log.
  • Add types to robot-api.
  • Add types to robotd.