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Sourcebots meeting 2017-10-23

Smallpiece 2018 discussions

  • Name change

    • 2 choices:
      1. Rename to 'computing and robotics'.
      2. Add more electronics:
        • Add a second elec lab
          • Build own ultrasound kits
          • Downside: they don't have enough time.
          • Better documentation.
          • Simplify code: do geolocation for them?
  • Organisation

    • Look at what was on the list of things to improve from last year and make sure we plan around it.

Sourcebots 2018

  • Email to teams

    • 2 emails
      • Hi we're here we want to do this (Andy)
      • We have an opportunity to collect data, we should think about whether we should take advantage of this
  • Think about the game

    • Game proposals are now open!
    • Create a google account (on trello)
  • Funding

    • Joyce email
      • Send her an email now
    • buddget review/min/max options
  • Kickstart date
  • Email to teams (Can we email the Student Robotics teams? Maybe need to dig up the terms of the competition sign-up form)


  • Moving the assembly documentation to the website. (Jake)
    • Make it user friendly
    • Use a uni system
      • Costly to use a VPS from uni
      • Just use wordpress as a blog?
      • Could use wordpress for the whole thing. Needs more research.
  • Generated documentation
  • PR frontpage options


  • Arranging a time to confirm and find the ultrasound bug we found at the activity day. (Kier)
  • Test the system can handle multiple motor boards


  • Improving the format of these meetings (Andy)