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Minutes - 30th January 2017

Minutes by Anton Nikitin

In attendance: - Steffan Pedel - Anton Nikitin - Charlie Turvey - Andrew Barrett-Sprot - Kier Davis

Main meeting

Andy said that we have received an email from Dennis indicating that we can use his trolleys, this means we don’t have to spend additional money. We are planning to attend the Science and Engineering family day in March – Andy said we should obtain a budget to make the event look more professional. Andy said that we should aim to develop our kit so that we can use it by the Engineering day to achieve a minimal viable product. Andy and Kier also enquired about the license SR Main has used for their hardware.

Tasks Completed

  • Charlie Turvey worked on the development of the simulator.
  • Andy got the raspberry pi working and started working on the vision code
  • Anton started work developing a test program for GPIO Arduino pins
  • Steffan helped Andy get the pi ready
  • Kier has been working on reparing the PCB designs for the motor/power boards.


  • Enquire about budget.
  • Decide on how to spend the budget for the Engineering Day.
  • Decide on an SR Prime name.
  • Andy has sent an email to Rich enquiring about the licensing of the hardware.