2016 12 14

USB memory stick input Pi3 with Wifi

Then SR's Power boards and motor boards.

Standard Webcam. Maybe pi cameras

  • 4GB MicroSD Cards, 15 for around £5 each = £75.

  • Arduino should have a default implementation of controlling the Servos and the IO.

Things to do:

  • Design the cases for the kits
  • Optimise the PCBs for the Power and Motor boards.
  • Auto mount USB sticks, just load python onto the USB sticks,
  • Run python and output the error log
  • Stop python that isn't mounted
  • Decide on an OS Distro, we just assume it's linux, NO ROS
  • Think of a name over christmas - Everyone Submit a name and we pick the best before new year.
  • Vision code python interace - APRIL tags.
  • Write the python for interfacing with the Motor & Power boards (fork from SR's code probably)
  • Figure out the Servo control implementation, (we need to make sure the servos stay where they are if the robot is power cycled.)
  • Get the power board and motor board working:
  • Fork SR's power & motor board firmware.
  • Fork SR's board firmware.
  • Flash a power & motor board with firmware.
  • Arduino/Servo Library
  • Robot 'Simulator', some way of checking that the robots code won't syntax error before putting it in the robot.
  • Bindings that output to the console, copy the binding of the robot library and just change them to output to console.
  • Continuous Integration - Test server, etc....
  • Wiki and Documentation

Things to do in the future: - Pi writes code to Arduino - Minimise Arduno damage by checking if the Arduino already has the right version on it. (checksums)

Who's doing what: - Alistair: - Python Vision bindings, maybe?? - Anton: - Arduino/Servo Library - Charlie: - Develop and add features to Robot simulator: See what's missing. Maybe look into making it 3D? - Steffan: - Auto mount USB sticks, load Python, etc - Andy - Decide what version of Linux - Python bindings if Alistair can't do it - Kier - Get the Power and motor board working - Flash the power and motor boards with SR's code - Andy Busse - ELEC?? Optimise the PCB.

Things to follow: - Be OS independent as possible - Students should be able to flash anything. - license: GPL - Document EVERYTHING - Comment your code. - Robot code not in zip, they just write python and copy it onto the USB stick.