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SR Prime Meeting 14/11/2016

Action Items: Kier to look up some Power Distro boards, including SR's. Andy to help Steffan to add people to a mailing list Andy and Kier (and anyone else) to decide on brain board Kier to spec the SR boards to see their prices. We found motor boards would be £27-£41

Important Points:

We did the math, we're gonna cut close on the budget: - £500 development costs

Per device: £130 for 15 kits. - £35 pi 3 - £25 Power board custom PCB (if we decide we want it) - £35 servo/GPIO/5v Power pi hat (vaguely) - £35 motor controllers


We have until next August:


Now - Decide on Brain board


Xmas Break Start - Design Finished (bit longer for custom PCBs) January

Xmas Break End, Start of exams

February ** End of Exams**

  • Minimum Viable Product March

  • Feature Complete April

  • Start Mass Production May

  • Fully Tested


  • June

-- Finish Mass Production -- Start testing with outreach days - - July