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Proposal to delay the meeting until Kier and Tom arrives

In favour: 4 Against: 1 Abstained: 0


Amendment of constitution

In section 9 (1) (b) change the word "A" to the word "An"

In favour: 9 Against: 0 Abstained: 0

Presentation of accounts

We don't yet have a bank account, so despite winning funding we have no money.

Report of committee members' activities


I don't know. I did some things and organised things. Kept the society alive. I made the presentations almost every week, organised SR(A)WN, and generally organised doings and tech days.


I've been an absolutely terrible secretary. I've not really done much in the way of meetings, and I forgot to submit the previous constitution amendment.


Funding applications happened. We got money, which we don't have yet.

Social Secretary

I organised a few socials. Sprinkles social, it went well. Failed to organise a PlayZone social. Also the Blueshirt activity day.

Equipment and Safety Officer

We have kit. I organised it at some point but it's no longer organised. I blame everyone else. I recently found there's a health and safety form on the git, and submitted it.

Self-nomination for new committee

Proposal to make everyone nominated to give a speech, not just people with contested positions

In favour: 6 Against: 4 Abstained: 0


Rashmi Mohit Andy




Rashmi Mohit

Social Secretary


Equipment and Safety Officer

Samson Rashmi Kier

Election of new committee

Secret ballot requested.


Rashmi 3 Mohit Andy 5 RON Spoilt ballot 1

New president: Andy


Samson 7 RON 2

New secretary: Samson


Rashmi 7 Mohit 1 RON 1

New treasurer: Rashmi

Social Secretary

Andy 8 RON 1

New social sec: Andy

Equipment and Safety Officer

Samson Rashmi Kier 9 RON

New equipment and safety officer: Kier

Any Other Business


Current committee positions

  • President — Leader of the Southampton Branch and liaison with trustees
  • Secretary — Organises Southampton-specific meetings/wrangles SUSU-related things
  • Treasurer — Handles any budget that the Southampton Branch might have
  • Social Secretary — Organises Southampton-specific socials/etc. (including with other societies)
  • Equipment and Safety Officer — Keeps equipment stored at Southampton organised (including ensuring the inventory is up-to-date), and leads in ensuring reasonable health and safety vigilance. This will involve liaising with SUSU and attending the annual H&S training.